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N&JL Innovations is a family business that was was founded by Nechelle and Jacob Laferriere in January 2021. The two have been married since 2018 and have two beautiful children together. They both have had a great passion to inspire others spiritually and to entertain.

However, starting this business was the furthest thing from their mind especially with Covid-19 afoot. Still, the couple felt that something was missing from their everyday lives. They both had dreams of writing and creating wholesome productions for believers and nonbelievers. With that in mind and the pandemic having everyone on lockdown; Nechelle felt she should publish the poetry book she had been sitting on for a couple of years. So she did; she self-published her first Poetry Book “Poetry in Transition” spring of 2020.

Publishing her book ignited a fire in them to embark on the journey of entertaining through their faith, their family, and their freedom to express themselves in different ways. This encounter led them to create a card game “Word Action”, a children’s book, and many other projects and merchandise for all to enjoy.

As all these ideas unfolded Jacob really encouraged Nechelle to be all in. So they buckled down invested their last into starting N&JL Innovations coming to life.

Mission Statment
N&JL Innovations centers itself on Faith, Family, and Freedom. These founding elements serve to achieve the goal of helping individuals grow in their identity through a creative and spiritual outlet, promote a healthy home environment, and give way to restoring local communities to then help bring the initiative to changing the world. N&JL Innovations takes action through producing literature, public expressions, games, clothing, and other forms of entertainment and materials that will influence the everyday person, household, and community for the greater.
Vision Statment
N&JL Innovations exists to endorse family entertainment, cultivate creativity, stimulate spiritual growth, and motivate individual expression in hopes that one person will be inspired to then impact the world around them.

Meet Our Founders

Team member
Nechelle Laferriere
Nechelle is outgoing, funny and laidback. She loves to write, loves Jesus, and desires to be a film director one day. The scripture that Nechelle lives by is Romans 13:8 “owe no man nothing but to love him.”
Team member
Jacob Laferriere
Jacob is very calm, cool and collected. He loves to run, loves Jesus, and is in the process of writing a 365 day Devotional. The scripture that Jacob lives by is 2 Timothy 1:7 “for I did not give you a spirit of timidity but of power, love, and sound mind.”