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Word Action is a card game that uses alphabet card, earn points by making words by either forming words from your hand or playing off words other players have laid. Use the Action Cards to boost your points or prevent other players from gaining an advantage. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! Great for ages 7+.


Word Action came to Nechelle in a dream while her and Jacob had turned in for the night. Nechelle however was very restless and was in and out of sleep. As she woke at 2am this game was in her mind still from dreaming. So she started thinking and taking some notes on her phone. She then calls a friend and tell them all about the game idea and they say “that sounds like a million dollar game, you definitely have to keep at it.” So from that night she kept brainstorming. She told Jacob right away and he instantly jumped on board.

They started making mock cards of the game and started playing with any and everyone that would play to gather data and to change certain aspects of the game as they saw fit . Once they felt like they had all the information they needed they made a prototype and started the patenting process in June 2020. They hope to see Word Action in stores by 2022.

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