An oral poetic performance art that is based mainly on the poetic as well as the performer’s aesthetic qualities.

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Nechelle is a professional spoken word artist/ performer. She has been doing spoken word poetry for about 8 years. Spoken word is a big part of Nechelle’s testimony and how God freed and healed her through the art of words. Words have always been a part of Nechelle that and expression. Growing up she did a lot of debates and poetry contests which opened a lot of doors for her.

Nechelle writes about personal experiences/struggles as a Christian and everyday life. She also writes about what inspires her to inspire others and or whatever current event that happening she feels need more attention. She thrives off of storytelling and being able to connect with her audience. Her spoken word is profanity and vulgarity free as she creates for all to hear.

This style of expression has really transformed her and has brought her closer to God. She writes each piece herself some vary from 3 minutes long to 12 minutes. It really depends how deep or how good the topic is. She does not discriminate to where and to whom she shares her gift with for she wants all to be transformed and moved to be better versions of themselves.

She is available for booking to recite material she has already written or to recite any custom piece(s) you would like to inquire about. Pricing will vary.


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